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Bringing Sexy Back to the Promotional Bag Industry

These days, boy-crazy preteens are sticking posters of Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson up on their walls. Back when I was that age, I was absolutely crazy over NSYNC. Seriously – crazy to the point that I convinced all of my teachers to allow me to sign my name as Ashley Chasez (the last name of my fave member JC) on all of my papers. Luckily, I have taken back my proper last name in the years since, but I still get excited when I see my favorite boy band continuing to make it out there in the world. (Yes – I started watching America’s Best Dance Crew solely because JC is a judge). And what do you know— one of my teenybopper idols is breaking into the promotional products scene! That’s right – Justin Timberlake, perhaps you have heard of him, has become an investor as well as a designer for a line of bags (Ful, which sounds like Fuel) that are available in retail as well as within the promotional bag industry.  Wanna know more about JT’s bags?

Promotional EarthSmart Products for Earth Day

There is only one circumstance in which we cannot offer our famous 24-hour Rocketship Service: when the item is out of stock. This is exactly why I am writing about Earth Day more than a month in advance; I do not want anyone to miss out on this great opportunity for functional and unique Eco-friendly promotional EarthSmart products!

It seems these days you can get a “green” variation on just about any product imaginable. Just thinking about some of the items I use on an everyday basis, I jot down notes on a recycled notebook with a biodegradable pen made from corn. When I go to the grocery store, I stash my purchases in a tote made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Even when I need a caffeine fix, I sip from a biodegradable Evolve tumbler.

But the “green” trend has evolved much further than the standard popular items. In the office, you can feature your loved ones in photo albums made from bamboo and grow a plant at your desk. And if you need to leave your desk for a meeting, just hit the Computer Power Saver Button to effortlessly put your computer to sleep . When entertaining guests at home, you can yell at them to put their sweaty drinks on coasters that are 51% recycled . Even while you are traveling the world, you can safely keep your passport and other travel documents in a recycled passport wallet. Continue reading

Even The Jersey Shore Needs Promo Products

untouchables_finalThe following story takes place on the sparkling clean beaches of the Jersey Shore:

One day Danny told all of the kids working his T-shirt shop to come downstairs for a meeting. “We are going to be having a little competition from now on,” he explained. “Except I am going to make it really hard on about half of you. All of the awesome people are going to be on one team, and the rest of you who only lay around on the beach are going to be stuck on the other. I think you know who you are.”

As Snookie, Vinny, and Sweetheart Sammy looked at each other, they knew they were the latter team. “What should we call ourselves?” Snookie wondered. A light popped up above Sweetheart Sammy’s head for the first time in her life, and she blurted “We are like so Badass! We should name our team that!” The threesome grinned, honestly believing that they came up with the most original, coolest name ever conceived in the history of the Jersey Shore.

The rest of the Jersey Shore-eans rolled their eyes at their friends’ horribly lame attempt to bring something to the table. The Situation, Pauly, and Ronnie headed off to the gym to work on their A-game. As they were pumping iron to prepare for some serious fist-pumping later on that evening, they were discussing their Italian heritage. “We are so mafia,” grunted The Situation between reps. “We should call ourselves The Untouchables. Team Jackass has nothing on us!”

The three boys got back from the gym to find that their Italian flag bearing laptops had been hacked and now proclaimed “Team Badass Rocks!” Pauly was heated and wanted to start a fight, but JWow convinced him to wait. “You were working out hard at the gym and this was what they wasted their time on,” she explained. “Did you ever hear that story about the grasshopper and the ant? They are just playing games while we are preparing for the real challenge.” Pauly looked confused, Why is she talking about bugs? , but he decided not to start a fist fight with his roommate anyway.

The two teams conversed on how to get more people walking the boardwalk to come in and buy T-shirts. They only had one week left until they had to present their ideas to Danny. Team Badass continued to pull stupid pranks, like put photos of ugly donkeys up in their rooms and write on the Shore blog that the other team sucked. The Untouchables, however, were not fazed. They knew that they were, after all, untouchable. There was really nothing to worry about. The Untouchable team did a group fist pump, and prepared for a night of clubbing down at the Jersey Shore.

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Promotional Products: Add Value, Subtract Cost, and Maximize Results!

I recall several years ago, I was working on a project for a customer and after confirming her delivery date, quantity needed and theme for the event, I inquired about her budget. She replied – “The gap between perceived value and actual cost needs to be wide.” It took me a few extra seconds to process, but I’ve always loved this answer. Isn’t that what we all want to some degree? We want to get the most bang for our buck, the best value, the best deal for our marketing budget. We may only have a $.50/pc budget for our promotional products, but we want our customer to think we spent top dollar.

Actual Cost versus Perceived Value – a marketers’ challenge! But there is no shame in that, and there are a number of unique strategies to maximize your budget for promotional products. From ordering larger quantities than you need for an event and saving the excess items for future use, to varying the price points of giveaways for different clients based on their purchasing power, creativity can enable you to launch a successful giveaway campaign without breaking the bank. And don’t forget about the deals that can be found in Pinnacle Promotions’ selection of Monthly Specials!

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Bags, Bags and more Bags!

In the Holiday Season, I found myself among the hundreds of other shoppers feeling the pressure of finishing up my holiday shopping for my friends and family members.

In the mall this past weekend I couldn’t help but notice all of the unique shopping bags draped on shoulders, stuffed into carts or piled onto ever-so-friendly husbands on the benches in the middle of the mall. I realized this weekend the amazing power of custom bags and the impact they carry when being toted around the mall.

Whether the bags promote holiday graphics, or the store name, or 50% OFF EVERYTHING, custom bags can become a walking billboard for your store or brand. It’s almost as if your customers are paying you to advertise.

Hmm – now there is an interesting concept.

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Just When I Think I’ve Seen it All…

Having been in the promotional products industry for nearly 5 years, I like to think that I’ve seen just about every gizmo, gadget and trinket out there. But today – I was wrong.

Earlier this morning while brainstorming with a client for unique tradeshow gift ideas to consider for their upcoming season next year, I stumbled across a factory that makes disposable breath alcohol detectors.

This FDA cleared item, available in zero tolerance (.02%) and impairment (which begins at .04%), can help party-goers check their blood-alcohol content in less than two minutes before deciding if they are fit to drive, or need to call a taxi. Of course – these kits are fully customizable with a full color label and can be produced in 1-2 weeks.

While it may not make my presentation for today’s client, I think I have a few customers in mind that would find these promotional products especially interesting for their customer base.

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Green Promotional Products and Ideas: Gifts That Give Back

It’s the Holiday Season and we all need ideas for gifts! It is always so hard for me to come up with the PERFECT gift, so I take any help on suggestions I can get. One of my best friends sent me a “Holiday Good Guide” entitled “Doing Good this Holiday”. She works for a sustainable company that strives everyday to be completely “green.” One day they could only use 6 gallons of water for 12 hours! I did not realize how much water we use in a day, but believe me it is WAY over 6 gallons. This guide serves to show what we can do for our communities, our environment, and our society. I have really enjoyed going through the different suggestions, and would love to share some of the points made in the guide with you!

First, the guide lays out different charities that people can donate to this season. For example, Nothing but Nets is a campaign to raise awareness and funds to combat malaria. Just a $10 donation sends a net to people in need and hopefully saves a life! It might be a good idea to donate that $10 in someone’s name. There you go! 1 gift down, and it saves a life!

Next, the guide tells us about Eco-Friendly gifts for the Holidays! They suggest giving energy efficient bulbs, natural candles, recycled windshield wine glasses, and eco totes (which you can get from Pinnacle Promotions… where else would you go??).

Another suggestion they offer is going to your local farmer’s market, or shopping at a community supported agriculture cooperative to receive food from HERE not there! I LOVE great food, and the fruits, veggies and other goodies from these associations are bound to be fresh, healthy, and yummy. Hmm, I could get this service delivered to my mom and grandmother for Christmas. Three gifts down, and I feel good about giving these presents!

The last tip in the guides has 10 steps; “10 Ways to Go Green.” Number 10 is to bring your own bag. Pinnacle Promotions has you covered there! Check out our reusable totes in all different colors and sizes. Take your tote with you everywhere: the grocery store, the drug store, the local farmers market, shopping, and the list goes on! What a great way to go GREEN this holiday. This guide has helped me SO much with my Holiday List, and hopefully through my short summary, it will help you, too. It is great to know that I can give presents to my friends and family, and also give back to my community and society! Happy Holidays!

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Promo Product Paparazzi

from Perez Hilton

from Perez Hilton

Of course we all know the current controversy surrounding Tiger Woods and his Supermodel wife, Elin Nordegren.  What really went on that night of the crash may forever remain speculation. Tiger has since been dropped by many of his endorsers and it has even been rumored that he may be leaving golf forever.  Just because he has been affected negatively by this situation, that doesn’t mean his mistresses have been hurting during all of this.  All 7 (no, 8…wait, is it 9? 10? Shoot, who can keep up!?) of them have been earning their fair share by selling their stories to the tabloids and various media outlets.

Just when we all thought that it was only the lady friends that were reaping all of the benefits, along came John Gribbin.  This may be the first time you have ever heard of this man — believe me, I had never heard of him until about a week ago!  Gribbin wrote a book named Get a Grip on Physics.  Sound exciting?  Eh, not really. So just how does this correlate with the Tiger Woods scandal?

On the night of November 27th, when good ‘ol Tiger wrecked his vehicle, it just so happened that Gribbin’s book was on the floor board of his 2009 Cadillac Escalade.  With what some people would call pure luck, the book ended up in hundreds of paparazzi photographs.  Since then, the book has risen significantly in sales and went from 396,224 on Amazon’s sales rank to 2,268! How about that for product placement!  Just think how amazing it would have been if one of YOUR company’s promo products had made a cameo that night!

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Pink Gloves Dance: Can You Spot the Promotional Products?

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon sure knows how to get down and dance! They are the makers of this very popular YouTube video – Pink Gloves Dance.

It all started with a glove manufacturer, Medline Industries, which decided to make pink hospital gloves instead of green. For each case sold in the month of October, Medline donated $1 to breast cancer research.

St. Vincent decided that the more health care workers wear pink gloves, the more people would talk about breast cancer. More than 200 hospital staff volunteered to wear the pink gloves in a video. There are lab technicians, janitorial staff, kitchen staff, nurses and doctors all showing their moves dancing in the hospital.

There are lots of different promotional products available to help support various causes, and a few ideas are featured on the Pinnacle Promotions Promotional Marketing Calendar.

We even have a specific page dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month which provides several product ideas and marketing recommendations.

Can you spot the following promotional products in the video?

1) Flag
2) Scrubs
3) Lanyard
4) Doctor Jacket
5) Hawaiian Lei
6) Pink Umbrella

One of my favorite and most effective promotional products is the pink umbrella. While it’s raining as you walk through the town, your awareness message can be seen from so many people. I encouraged the use of a fold up umbrella to one of my non-profits last year for their campaign. They received such positive feedback that they decided to use umbrellas again this year!!

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