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Our Merchandising Managers are back from the PPAI tradeshow out in Vegas, and they’ve returned with lots of new pictures and stories about what to expect this year. For a sneak peek about all the trends they’ll be blogging about in the near future check out the Facebook album they created here.

So it’s with this spirit of “new-ness” that I’ve decided to take a quick break from my usual blogging style of pointing out items new and old on our website and how they could be applied to different promotional campaigns. I’m taking a cue from our ever awesome Pinterest account and one board in specific, the Not a Promotional Product… Yet board.



Source: via Pinnacle on Pinterest


While I try to keep in under wraps in my everyday work life… my dog is a very big part of my life. I drove 16 hours in 2 days just to pick him up from my parents house as soon as I got my first apartment, which was specifically chosen for it’s dog friendly policies and it’s proximity to the local park. Much like the late and great Gilda Radner of SNL fame “I became one of those people who show you endless pictures of their dog, and all the pictures look alike”. I take my pup very seriously and he is the subject of most my photography. So I gave an inner happy shout when we updated our Pets category  with everything from new waste bag dispenser to perfectly soft doggy t-shirts. But I’m hoping it doesn’t stop there! This water fountain would be great for any pet owner, though I’m pretty sure my own would manage to make a mess.



Source: via Pinnacle on Pinterest


One of my personal goals this year is to be more creative, whether it’s idea for the location of my next impromptu trip or where I’d like to take my next set of pictures at, I want to always have a place nearby to jot down my thoughts. And sometimes, inspiration decides to strike as I’m singing my personal rendition on the Top 40 in the shower. That’s where the Waterproof Notepad would be a good thing to have nearby. Until then, I’ll make do with the heavy duty Spiral Stone Paper Notebook that, like the name suggest, is made out of natural stones and is waterproof, tear resistant, and smudge proof. So while I can’t hang it in my shower, I can pull it out during a rain storm!





Last but no least, like most everyone else who makes resolutions, I want to be a little more conscious about what I’m feeding to my body. I’m trying to cut out sodas, limiting my coffee, and trying to find a little caffeine boost in a better place. Not only is a cup of hot tea perfect for a cold winter afternoon, depending on what tea blend you choose it could deliver a necessary bit of caffeine to power you through the rest of your day. And, like a little kid who needs food coloring of light flavoring in order to drink water, I need to make my tea experiences fun. But I could always use our new TakeOut Tumbler Infuser to make my water a flavorful treat.

Again, these are all items I found from our Pinterest that were inspiring, even if they aren’t exactly promotional products, and while we may not have exactly these items on our site it’s easy to find an item that gives off the same vibe: whether it’s a new dog bowl, tough as nails paper, or a new infuser. But as always, keep checking back to see what new cool stuff we add or leave me a comment about what you look forward to seeing in the promotional products world!

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