2-Person Snuggies. What will they think of next?

Well there’s a snuggie for dogs and a snuggie (termed “Snuggle Me”) for the promotional products industry, so I guess it should not come as such a surprise that this cultural phenomenon now comes in couple form. That’s right, consumers can now purchase the Snuggie For Two that features three armholes (so you and your loved one can hold hands inside the shared armhole of course). Did you just throw up a little bit in your mouth, too? Yeah, I thought so.

I personally have never been a big fan of the Snuggie to begin with and this 2 person contraption has only added to my aversion. Use a blanket. There. I said it. And perhaps one that allows you to wrap yourself in something other than polyester. Yeah. I said that too.

And as for the problem with using a blanket to keep warm at work as Kim so thoroughly analyzes in her post Keeping Warm at the Office: Custom Snuggles Anyone? about the original one-person version: “The only problem with using a blanket to stay warm at the office is that you can really only use it to cover your legs, as covering your arms will impede on your work. Without the use of your arms how can you type, answer phones or complete any other task that, well, using your hands?” To that I say – put on a jacket. You look ridiculous wearing a blanket at the office anyway.

But at least you are not wearing it to “Night Time Pub Crawls” which is the second bullet point listed under “Perfect for:” on the official Snuggie website. Wow.

Looks like Ellen DeGeneres shares my sentiments:

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