101 Uses for Promotional Hacky Sacks

kick-bagOkay, so maybe just 6 uses so far, but I got your attention, didn’t I?

Did you know that July 27 – August 2 is World Footbag (Hacky Sack) Week? John Stalberger and Mike Marshall invented the footbag in 1972. Today, the footbag is more commonly known in the United States as the “Hacky Sack,” which is the trademarked name of one particular type of footbag. The name “Hacky Sack” is actually a genericized trademark used to refer not only to the footbag itself, but also to the game of footbag. In the traditional hacky sack circle, two or more players compete to keep the footbag from hitting the ground without the ball touching their hands.

Aside from facilitating a fun and competitive sport, footbags can be used for many other purposes. Keep reading for a few of my suggestions:

1. To promote your brand. Well, I work for a promotional products company, so of course this is going to be my first idea! Our promotional hacky sack can be custom imprinted with your brand’s logo or marketing message to become a unique, enjoyable promotional product. Any item that encourages employees or clients to let loose and engage in a friendly athletic competition is bound to maximize exposure for your company. Pens and office accessories always make for practical branded giveaways, but products that people can enjoy in their leisure time with their families and friends also have potential to turn into favorite possessions. Imagine one of your clients gathering his or her family for a weekend at the beach and being asked by their children, “Did we pack that hacki bag that you got from _____ (fill in your brand name here!)?” Your company can become a household name as a result of a distinctive promotional giveaway like the hacki bag.

2. As a stress reliever. While this should not be the primary purpose of a hacki bag, if a true stress ball is not available, a hacki bag can be a suitable substitute to let out some aggression. It is slightly less squeezable than a stress ball, but can definitely provide a wrist workout in a pinch!

3. Doubles as a paperweight. Heavy, eye-catching, compact. All qualities that are desirable in a paperweight. When customers or employees are not using your hacki bag in one of the other ways outlined on my handy list, why not encourage them to set it on top of their important papers?

4. Portable fitness accessory. Playing hacky sack burns an estimated 281 calories per hour! Healthcare or medical companies can incorporate this product into an informational campaign about the importance of exercise and wellness. We offer hacki bags shaped like footballs or basketballs, which are likely to be broken out for impromptu games at the office because they are probably going to be kept on desktops as paperweights (see Use #3).

5. As a weapon. Well, a playful “weapon,” that is. If a coworker is getting on your last nerves, toss a hacki bag their way. It is lightweight enough not to hurt them, and you can work on your pitching arm at the same time.

6. To prevent clients/employees from resorting to using their cell phones as kick bags… Watch this really cool Vodafone footbag commercial to see what I mean!

Any item that can fill this many unique needs in a person’s life is certain to be a successful promotional tool.

Can you think of any other creative uses for a hacki bag? Leave us a comment with your ideas and maybe we can eventually reach 101 uses!

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I use my hacky sacks as educational tools Dana.In order to discriminate between 2 sounds I set up a game with 2 buckets and an assortment of hacky sacks to throw into the pails. For example; an “R” pail and a “W” pail. The hacky sack is thrown into the appropriate bucket when identifying the sound in the word, which the teacher shouts out loud.The kids love choosing which hacky sack to throw and find it fun to aim and get it into the correct bucket.So teachers start collecting those hacky sacks for a myriad of classroom/therapeutic activities!

Now that I am using my hacky-sack as a paper-weight, what do I use may insanely heavy paper-weight for? Wait, wasn’t there mention of office artillery? Perfect.

281 calories per hour? Wow I need to brush up on my skills and make this my new exercise activity…

another use: get 3 hackysacks and use them for juggling!

I like the idea of using hacky sacks as office artillery. Maybe I should start hoarding piles of them and using them to ward off reckless office invaders. *muahahahaha*

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